The first morning of a cruise down the Tonle Sap River, I awoke to the sound of a boat chugging past. I opened my eyes to see people waving at me through my floor to ceiling cabin window, so grabbed my camera and my robe and headed out on deck. At 6am the river was in full swing – long boats cutting through the water, kids playing on the banks, people fishing, washing and preparing breakfast in their stilt houses – all of them seemingly as intrigued with me as I was with them. I travelled with Travel Indochina on the Jahan from Cambodia to Vietnam www.travelindochina.com.au
Maree Azzopardi

Did You Know?

For most of the year the Tonle Sap River flows into the mighty Mekong River, then in October, melting snow from Himalayas and huge volumes of Monsoon water in the Mekong force the Tonle Sap to change its course and flow in the opposite direction to flood the Tonle Sap Lake to five times it’s normal size.


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