Commission us

We’re a respected freelance travel writing and photography team with more than 30
years experience between us. Creativity, professionalism and integrity are
the cornerstones of our approach.

We have a genuine love of travel, sharp eyes and keen noses for a good yarn,
and many magazine stories to our credit – check out our Published page
for a smattering of these.

We highly prize writing that hits its mark and photography that tells a
story, evokes emotion and inspires action.

When travel writing or blogging, transparency and truth rule – we believe in
constructive criticism, we don’t endorse products we don’t believe in or
talk up bad food or service and we disclose sponsored travel, meals and

We welcome editors, picture editors, tourism organisations and interested
others to get in touch if you think we can assist
with content – editorial, or pictorial, or if you would like to discuss
media familiarisation opportunities.